Bill Gates: I want to be president, but I don’t want to run for office

Bill Gates is calling on the world to reject Donald Trump and help elect Bernie Sanders, a progressive who could make the transition to the White House from his current seat on the U.S. Congress.The tech magnate, who has been a vocal critic of Trump, has a $25 billion fortune, a global reach, and an […]

‘Gates will be open at the same time as the regular season’: Gatts on opening the gates

“It’s a little bit of a test, but it’s a great opportunity for us to get some players out,” Gatts said.“When you’re playing a game like this, there’s no time to rest, there are no distractions, there aren’t any nerves and you can get right back into it.” “A win will mean that the home […]

How to get rid of your baby gate in just 10 minutes with Kevin Gates instagram post

If you have a baby gate for the first time, here are some simple tips for making your baby gates go away and leaving your house and kids alone.1.Wash your hands.This is a really easy way to get your baby’s gate off.Simply use soap and water and wash your hands, then rinse them thoroughly.You should […]

How to mine Minecraft in a week

Johnnie Gat is a very old video game.He is the creator of the first real Minecraft map, The Tower of Babel.He has been mining the game for almost two decades now.This article is based on a guest post by Johnnie, who made the trip from Australia to visit his father in New Zealand.He explains how […]

What we know about the coronavirus outbreak in Australia

The Australian Capital Territory has confirmed more than 4,200 new cases of coronaviruses in the past two days, with more than a quarter of them occurring in remote areas, including remote townships and rural areas.The ACT Health Department has confirmed the first of five new coronaviral cases in Darwin this morning, with two deaths.The department […]

When the SAA’s Automatic Gate Opener was ‘stuck’ for 3 hours in the Daraa countryside

When the Doraa SAA launched the Automatic Gate Openers last week, many people were sceptical about the new technology, and wondered how it would be able to open in rural areas.But the SAAF says it was able to “successfully open the gates of Daraam and Daraafa” by using GPS.The automatic gate opener is designed to […]


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