What’s next for Bill Gates’ Gates Scholarship fund?

1.Bill Gates Scholarship Fund: The Gates Foundation announced that it is suspending the program.The foundation said that the funding will be used to support programs and activities in areas of public health and nutrition, including the Global Fund for Tropical Diseases (GFCTD) which provides assistance to the world’s poorest countries.The Foundation said that this was […]

How the Gardasil vaccine made its way from a Chinese manufacturer to the UK, and now it’s coming to Ireland

The world is watching as the world’s first Gardasilloid vaccine has been made in China, making it the first vaccine to be made in the country.The company making the Gardisil vaccine has confirmed it is China’s Tymoc.It will now be tested in Ireland.The US government has also confirmed the Gardosil vaccine was made in India, […]

How to stop china’s gate in China

CHINA, China — The china border crossing is closed for the time being, but a Chinese customs officer is telling travelers they can continue their journey to the US, in spite of a new blockade of the border.The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) says travelers crossing the border illegally from Canada and the US will […]

When Woodgate Gate Mine closes, a mine in California’s Sierra Nevada

The mine’s closure comes after years of declining ore prices, as the world’s second-largest producer of coal, according to the United Nations.The mine, which was owned by the world-renowned Woodside Mine, closed in 2014 as a result of the mine’s declining profitability.It is expected to close in 2021. But the mine is now being managed by […]

How to get your name out for a job interview: ‘Nick gate’

In the past few years, several new technology companies have emerged in India and the Philippines, and are rapidly expanding their presence there.One such company is Gata, which was founded in 2014 by Nick Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, and Nick Agadir, a well-known businessman from the Philippines.Gata is looking for a senior software engineer […]

How to donate to the Gates Foundation for Children

GATES is a global charitable foundation dedicated to fighting child abuse.Its charity arm, the Gates Foundation, has donated more than £1 billion to aid children’s causes over the past century.It’s also been at the forefront of campaigning against violence against women, trafficking, and child sexual exploitation.In 2018, the foundation announced it would spend £400 million […]

What you need to know about Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation

Bill Gates is a global leader in the fields of philanthropy and technology, and he has become a global star in the process.The world’s richest man is worth $81bn.His foundation is the largest in the world.The foundation’s annual income is $4bn, and Gates is the highest-paid person in the US, the second-largest after Apple’s Steve […]


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