What you need to know about Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation

Bill Gates is a global leader in the fields of philanthropy and technology, and he has become a global star in the process.

The world’s richest man is worth $81bn.

His foundation is the largest in the world.

The foundation’s annual income is $4bn, and Gates is the highest-paid person in the US, the second-largest after Apple’s Steve Jobs.

His work as chairman of Microsoft, and the philanthropic work of the Gates foundation, has helped make Gates one of the world’s most powerful people.

But what has he done for the poor?

Bill Gates Foundation, Bill Gates, the Gates family, Bill and Melinda Gates, Bill, Bill’s wife, Bill the CEO, Bill his wife’s father, Bill Clinton, Bill is in his 80s, and Bill Gates the CEO Bill Gates foundation in 2013, which has raised $1.3bn for projects to tackle malaria and tuberculosis, was founded by Bill Gates.

Bill Gates’ wife, Melinda, and their children, Bill Jr and Billie, all worked as CEOs of Microsoft and Microsoft’s parent company, Microsoft Corp. Bill was in his 60s when the Gates-founded Bill &Jane’s foundation first announced its plans to work on malaria and TB.

He also became a billionaire, and Microsoft was one of his biggest corporate donors, giving $1bn to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) over the course of the 1990s.

But as Gates grew older, his charity’s focus shifted, from fighting the pandemic to helping the poor.

The Gates Foundation has been involved in several projects around the world, including helping develop drug treatments and vaccines.

It is the biggest philanthropic organisation in the USA, and it has spent more than $400m on programmes to fight poverty.

Bill and the foundation’s work is often seen as having a positive impact on people’s lives.

“We are the largest non-profit organisation in this country, so the fact that we’re able to do this is something that we should be very proud of,” Bill Gates said in 2011.

The Bill &amps;amp.

Jane’s Foundation works in many different ways to fight the scourge of poverty.

It has created an orphanage in Nepal to provide children with a better start in life, and recently donated $100m to build a school in Zimbabwe that has improved its quality of education.

But its work is not without its critics.

Some critics say the foundation has a narrow focus, and its work to help the poor is too limited.

Others argue that Bill Gates has a personal agenda that conflicts with his foundation’s stated goal of helping the world to eradicate poverty.

The biggest criticism of the foundation comes from a recent report from the charity Oxfam, which claimed that Bill &amping;Jane had given $4.6bn to other charities over the last decade, but that Bill had been paying them “significantly less” than the money they had donated.

The charity has now said it is considering the charity’s findings and has asked the foundation to explain why it is not releasing more information about the donations it made.

Oxfam said that while Bill Gates was not a beneficiary of the charity, it could have a significant impact on his personal finances and the charity.

“Bill Gates Foundation’s funding comes largely from the Bill &ames;Jane Foundation and its assets, which are held in the United States,” Oxfam noted in a statement.

“By contrast, the Bill Gates Charitable Foundation, which manages Bill Gates assets, pays its staff significantly less than it would otherwise pay its employees.”

Bill Gates The Bill Gates family and the Bill and Jane foundation, which was founded in 2003, were founded by Gates’ late father, William Gates, who also was a philanthropist.

The family is worth an estimated $3.7bn, with Bill and Gates’ youngest son, Billie.

The father and his wife, who are in their 60s, worked as Microsoft co-founders and ran the software company at the heart of Microsoft’s global success.

In 1994, Bill &ams;Jane was born.

Bill &ates; Jane’s foundation has spent $4 billion on malaria eradication, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and other projects.

It works with more than 100,000 communities around the globe, helping them address their own needs and ensure that they are treated for diseases.

Bill, Melissa, and two of their daughters are now the directors of the Bill, Jane and Associates foundation, founded by the family to support their work.

Bill’s daughter, Melisa, also runs the foundation, while her husband, Bill Billie is the foundation chair.

Bill also founded the Bill;amp= Jnr foundation, an organisation that works to eradicate the spread of malaria and other infectious diseases.

Its chief mission is to help rural families.

Bill is one of only a handful of billionaires in the history of the United Nations


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