When Pantera died, Rory Gates is back as a man from the future

Pantera, the punk-rock group that helped define the 1980s, died at the age of 27 in August.

But the band’s final years, which saw the group releasing three albums and releasing the acclaimed film Pantera (1994), are also coming to an end.

On September 26, Rory and his bandmates will release a new album, “The Way Home,” and will embark on their first North American tour.

The band, formed in 1985 in Phoenix, also released a number of other albums over the years.

The album is an amalgam of elements of punk rock and classic metal, but Rory Gates said the album reflects his life as a young man in the 1980, which includes working with bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, the Pretenders, and the Yardbirds.

Rory Gates, left, and his father Terry Gates, right, at a Pantera concert in Los Angeles in 1995.

Photo courtesy Pantera Museum, via the band.

“I remember growing up in a small town and being in the punk scene,” Rory Gates told The Huffington Post in an email interview.

“My father and I were very fortunate to get to know many great bands like Slayer and Judas Priest.

We were all very interested in music and the whole thing was very much about finding your own voice.

We also grew up watching the film Pantera.

It was one of the first movies that I saw that depicted a world where people had to fight for their rights, and that was really something I wanted to take on.

I was very passionate about music and about what it could do for people.

So I always had this idea of getting involved in music because it was the perfect place to do it.”

Pantera was born in Los Feliz, a small, rural town in Southern California, in 1984.

“The band’s original name was Pantera,” Rory said.

“But that was a band name that I changed a lot over the past couple of years, and it was always a Panteras name.

And when I was starting the band, I had just started a record label called X-Fusion, and I wanted it to be called Pantera Records.

The name Pantera had come about because I had this vision of a world that was totally devoid of government.

It had no corporations, no big banks, and everything was made by the people.

That was my vision of the future.

I wanted people to be empowered and to make their own choices in life, so that they could create something better and better.”

Panterra’s first album, 1983’s “Romeo & Juliet,” sold over 5 million copies and earned Pantera a spot on Rolling Stone’s Top 40 albums of all-time list.

The following year, Pantera released their debut album, 1986’s “The King of Limbs,” which was considered to be the bands first major hit.

The group went on to tour the United States and Europe.

“Pantera has been a true icon of punk and alternative music in America and worldwide,” said Dave Geffen, Panterreas founding guitarist and co-founder.

“Rory has been such an amazing and brilliant guitarist for Pantera.

His playing has never wavered.

I think his ability to connect with audiences in an incredibly powerful way has been something I will always remember about him.

Pantera will always be a band that we will always look back on with pride.”

Rory Gates and Terry Gates (right) in 1988.

Photo via Pantera website.

In addition to touring the U.S. and Europe, PanTERA also toured the world in the early 1990s, including in Europe, Japan, and South Africa.

The two-time Grammy award-winning group recorded a string of critically acclaimed albums between 1988 and 1995, including the cult classic Pantera: The Complete Works (1994) and the critically acclaimed Pantera Resurrection (1997).

PanTERAs music, along with the band and its live performances, influenced the punk rock aesthetic, as well as the mainstream rock scene of the early to mid-1990s.

Rory said he has been influenced by both metal and punk bands.

“When I was growing up, the Pantera music was really popular and I was a huge Pantera fan,” he said.

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Rory said that the band had a strong relationship with metal music in general.

“In my youth, I always felt like Pantera represented everything that was cool in the music scene,” he told HuffPost.

“So that was kind of my influence.

The way Pantera came out was a very important part of my life.”

PanTERIas music also influenced the band in a way that they did not have the luxury of the traditional rock and roll label structure.

The PanTERas music was “driven by an idea of the power of the human spirit and the power that you have over the universe,” Rory told HuffPost


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