When ‘the world’s worst case of global warming’ hits Australia

A new report warns that Australia will become “the worst case” of global climate change in the coming decades.

Key points:The study by the Australian National University says the world’s average temperature could rise by up to 1.7C in the next decadeThe study estimates Australia will be “the planet’s second-largest carbon sink” by the end of the centuryThe report comes as the Government is preparing to introduce legislation to limit the amount of carbon dioxide the nation’s power stations emit.

Key Points:The report says Australia could be the planet’s 2nd-largest emissions sink in the futureClimate change could result in a hotter, drier worldClimate change can affect the lives of Australians and businessesClimate change impacts the economy and peopleClimate change has already been linked to a spike in coronavirus casesThe study, by the University of Adelaide’s Climate Change Institute, estimates that Australia could become “a global carbon sink by the middle of the 21st century”, as it “would be expected to be more carbon-intensive than any other country”.

“The projected warming would be significant in terms of both the greenhouse gas emissions it generates and the impact on the climate,” the report says.

“Australia is the world of carbon emissions, and the biggest emissions sink globally, and its projected greenhouse gas emission would be the 2nd biggest among the nations of the world.”

This would be unprecedented in Australia’s history, and would have a significant impact on Australia’s climate change impact.

“Climate change: What we know and don’t knowAbout 1.5C of warming could occur over the next centuryThe study’s authors say that Australia’s average global temperature could increase by up “to 1.67C” in the following century, according to a report released on Thursday.”

The temperature could then rise to 1,912.3C by the mid-2070s, a level that would be higher than any country other than China,” the authors wrote.”

It is anticipated that the warming trend would continue until the mid 2080s.

“Australia is already the world to be most affected by climate change, with an increase in the number of severe weather events in recent years.”

Climate change is already affecting the lives and livelihoods of millions around the world,” the study says.”[The] impact of climate change is expected to have an even greater impact on those living in Australia and the region.

“The study is based on a modelling study of the potential impacts of climate and weather on Australia.

It used projections of Australian economic and social impact.

The Government’s proposed legislation to introduce an emissions cap of 25 per cent by 2030 would result in Australia being the planet “second-largest emission sink in its region”.

Australia’s emissions have risen sharply since 1990, with emissions rising by 8 per cent in that time.

The report estimates that if the carbon emissions cap is not implemented, Australia would be responsible for nearly half of the projected warming in the world by 2050.

The study also estimates that the cost of climate mitigation, which would include cutting back on fossil fuel use, would be “an additional $2 trillion to $3 trillion” over the same period.

The cost of CO2 emissions from the electricity sector has risen over the past decade, with the cost rising by more than 5 per cent a year between 2009 and 2020.

It also suggests that Australia would have the largest CO2 footprints of any country in the study.”

If emissions were capped and emissions increased at a similar rate as the cost-of-carbon reduction from energy, Australia’s carbon footprint would be approximately one-third that of China, the world leader in carbon emissions,” the paper says.

The National Australia Bank estimates that a cap-and-trade scheme would save $4.4 billion a year, and Australia would save an additional $4 billion.

The government is already considering new policies to reduce greenhouse gas pollution from the country’s power sector, including the introduction of a cap on carbon dioxide emissions.

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