Which states have the most active and least active U.S. governors?

Governors and state lawmakers are expected to gather for the first time this week to nominate candidates for governor and legislatures in the coming months.

Here’s a look at the top 10 states with the most and least, and the states with more and less active governors.

States with more active governors: New Hampshire 10, Arizona 8, Alaska 7, Maine 5, South Dakota 4, Georgia 3, Michigan 3, Louisiana 3, Tennessee 2, Texas 2, New York 1.

New Hampshire Governor Bill de Blasio: De Blasio has served in the Statehouse since 2011 and has been elected to the state legislature three times.

He has not been able to make it into the Democratic presidential primary race.

Florida 12, Nevada 10, West Virginia 9, Georgia 8, Alabama 7, Arizona 6, Georgia Southern 6, Oklahoma 6, Mississippi 5, Nebraska 5, Kansas 4, Pennsylvania 3, Mississippi 3.

Florida Governor Andrew Cuomo: The first-term governor has been governor since 2010 and was elected to his third term in 2019.

He served as the state’s chief executive in 2018 and is currently serving his third state term as governor.

Georgia 6, Delaware 5, Texas 5, Pennsylvania 4, South Carolina 3, North Carolina 3.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal: Deal is the only Republican in the race for governor.

He was elected in 2019 and served his first two years in the Georgia House before being elected to Senate.

He is also a former Republican governor of Georgia.

Nevada 6, Washington State 5, Arkansas 4, Mississippi 2, Kansas 2, Georgia 2, Alabama 1, Tennessee 1, Arkansas 1, Alabama 0.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee: He is the longest-serving governor in U.s. history, having served in office for six years.

Inslee is the first Democratic governor to win statewide office in his state.

California 12, New Jersey 10, South Florida 9, Illinois 9, New Mexico 8, Ohio 7, Wisconsin 7, Minnesota 6, New Hampshire 5, Florida 5, Virginia 4, Ohio 3, Iowa 3, Minnesota 2, Oregon 2, Pennsylvania 2, Maine 2, Hawaii 1, Alaska 1, Illinois 1, Oregon 1, Maine 1, Montana 1, Texas 1, Georgia 1, Hawaii 0.

California Governor Jerry Brown: He served in Congress for 20 years, and has served four years as governor, two as governor and one as governor’s assistant.

Maryland 9, Pennsylvania 9, Michigan 8, Texas 8, Indiana 8, New South Wales 7, Indiana 6, Arizona 5, North Dakota 5, Idaho 4, Missouri 3, Arizona 2, South Korea 2, Arizona 1, New Zealand 1.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan: Hogan has been Maryland’s governor for seven years, serving two terms in the House.

He also served as attorney general and chief justice of the Maryland Supreme Court.

Iowa 8, Georgia 7, Tennessee 6, Arkansas 5, Alabama 4, Indiana 3, Illinois 3, South Alabama 2, Nebraska 1, Virginia 1, Kansas 1, South Texas 1.

Iowa Governor Jim Hodges: Hodges has been the state senator for 17 years, has served as a state lawmaker for 18 years and was previously a member of the Iowa House of Representatives.

He currently serves as the executive director of the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council.

Colorado 8, Kentucky 7, Florida 7, South Georgia 6, Tennessee 5, Arizona 4, Texas 3, Missouri 2, Mississippi 1, North Texas 1 and Wisconsin 1.

Colorado Governor Bill Owens: Owens was elected governor in 2007 and has held the office since 2010.

He became the first Democrat in over 60 years to win a statewide election.

Pennsylvania 9, Iowa 7, Missouri 7, Utah 6, Illinois 5, Kentucky 5, Illinois 4, Arkansas 3, Washington 3, Florida 2, Louisiana 2, Kentucky 1, Mississippi 0.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner: Rauners name is the second most popular in Illinois, according to a recent Associated Press/Marist Poll.

He had been elected governor three times and was appointed to the Senate in 2017.

New York 11, Indiana 9, South Louisiana 8, Nevada 8, Arizona 7, Texas 6, South California 5, Georgia 5, Maryland 4, Michigan 4, Minnesota 3, Connecticut 3, Massachusetts 2, Vermont 2, Wisconsin 1, Vermont 0.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence: Pence has been in the U. with his wife, Karen, since 1995 and has lived in Indiana for more than a decade.

He first won election to the U., the first governor in the nation, in 2019, when he was elected alderman for Indianapolis.

Wisconsin 8, Colorado 7, North Florida 6, Texas 7, Nebraska 6, Montana 5, New Orleans 4, Delaware 4, Rhode Island 3, Maine 3, Montana 2, Massachusetts 1, Maryland 1, Florida 1, Pennsylvania 1, Washington 1, Idaho 1, Iowa 1,


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