Which of the two wives of Bill Gates is the most influential?

Bill Gates and wife Cheryl Gates.

Bill Gates and Cheryl GatesThe Gates family was born in the 1950s in a middle-class suburb of Washington, DC, which at the time was predominantly white and upper-middle class.

They have two sons, Aaron, a computer engineer, and Ethan, a software developer.

They are married to Bill Gates, a Microsoft cofounder and founder of Microsoft, and their children, Aaron and Ethan.

The Gates sisters and their husband, Bill Gates Sr., were raised by a single mother and lived in a gated community in Washington, D.C. In an interview with The New York Times, they spoke about the challenges of raising children in such a environment: “It’s hard.

I have a very hard time, as a single parent raising kids, to make sure that they have the right social skills and the right education and the things they need to succeed.”

The sisters grew up in a house that they and their mother built together, and that is where they were educated.

Bill Gates’s father was a lawyer who moved to New York from the Bronx to start a law practice in the late 1950s, according to The Times.

The family lived in the house in an apartment on Park Avenue that was built by the Clintons.

“The only thing that I would do differently is, I would have been more open to the idea of a house and we could have lived together,” said Bill Gates Jr. “And I think we would have had a great house, and we would not have had to worry about living in a home that wasn’t as good.”

According to The Washington Post, the family of four had a housekeeper who worked at the Clinton Foundation.

It was not clear how many hours Bill Gates worked there, or how much money he made from his work there.

The Post reported that he earned $2 million from his wife.

Bill’s father died in 1978 and the family moved into the house that he shared with his family, which was built in the 1940s.

At the time, the Clinton family owned a number of properties in the city, including one in New York’s Park Avenue neighborhood, which has a population of about 2,400 people.

The Clintons were not the only ones to live in this house.

The home was also owned by the family’s longtime friend, the wealthy philanthropist and philanthropist Frank Giustra.

Giustra bought the house, which had been in his family since the mid-1960s, in 1986, when he purchased the estate of a prominent real estate developer who was a major player in the local real estate market.

In 2006, the Giustras paid $10 million for the house and other properties.

The house was a perfect fit for Bill Gates because it had a central courtyard and pool, as well as a large backyard.

It also had a backyard swimming pool, which the Clintons enjoyed and the children enjoyed.

Bill, Cheryl, and the other children spent summers in the backyard, and they would go swimming together at the pool.

When it was his father’s birthday in 2012, the Clintons bought a home in New Jersey and they moved into it.

In addition to his wife and children, Bill and Cheryl also had their own private security detail and paid for their own security with personal money.


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