How to create a ‘Gats’ electric driveway to keep cats away from your home

You may think that a driveway that looks like a Gats gate is too ugly for your garden, but cats love to graze on the smooth surfaces of the concrete and the wood floor.

So why not use the Gats technology to help them?

“They are a cat-friendly design that uses only electric gates to direct them away from the house,” says Michael Fieger, co-founder of Gats.

“It can be used as a cat gate, an outdoor gate, a garden gate or even as a yard gate.”

Gats is a cat proof design.

Its exterior is a painted steel mesh, with a raised section of fence in the middle to keep the cats away.

The gate is made of reinforced concrete, and it is fitted with a 3.5mm metal gate post to ensure that the cats don’t get in.

It can also be used for other reasons too.

“You can install it to a window or other door, and your cat can’t access the outside,” Fiegers explains.

The Gats system uses an electrical outlet that is connected to the cat door.

This outlet is connected via a 3-pin cable to the gate post, which is then connected to an internal battery pack.

“You can store the battery in the gate, which keeps it charged, or you can connect it to the electrical outlets of the fence, where it can be powered by the house’s electrical system,” he explains.

“In the case of the garden gate, it can also power a car, and that’s a very good idea because cats love going into gardens.”

The Gases design also has an extra benefit for cats, as it prevents cats from wandering into your yard.

“Cats like to play with other cats,” Fiesger explains. 

“Gats can keep other cats away for longer periods of time than traditional gates, so they are good for cat lovers who like to keep their pets inside.”

If you are thinking of making a GATS design, Fiegs advice is to use a metal fence post to prevent cats from climbing the fence.

“We are currently working on a design that will allow cats to climb over a metal post without being disturbed by the gate,” he adds.

For those who want to make their own, the company sells its electric fence gates at home or for gardeners.

“Our goal is to make the gate as simple and affordable as possible,” Fiergs says.

“As the gate becomes more popular, we will continue to add more gates for garden and house use.”

The video above shows how the design works.


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