Apple, Google make an attempt to control the Android ecosystem

Posted January 17, 2018 03:31:06Apple, Google and other major mobile platform companies are trying to shape the Android user interface, the company behind it, as they look to drive innovation and improve sales.

Key players in the Android space have already started building their own custom implementations of Android, including Google, which last year acquired Blink, a startup that created an Android user experience engine.

Google is pushing a new approach to the OS, and it’s aimed at a range of different users and industries, from mobile to social.

Google has made a lot of strides in building a “custom Android” for smartphones, including the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

But it hasn’t quite figured out how to bring Android into the wider mobile ecosystem.

With the new Pixel 2, Google is trying to make Android more appealing to consumers by making it more accessible.

This means allowing more apps to run on the device, such as Gmail and Maps.

The company is also adding an Android-specific app store, with support for Google apps and third-party developers.

But Google has made it clear that it’s aiming to deliver a “standard Android” in the form of a set of apps and a set and set of features.

This new approach has led to the emergence of a number of different versions of Android: a fork of Android called “Bold,” a fork called “Chrome OS” and a number made by Samsung.

The Chrome OS versions have had their share of controversy, but the new Bold is the first to hit the market with a focus on Google apps.

“There’s no real question that the Chrome OS version is the way to go, as opposed to the Bold,” said Michael Pachter, the principal analyst for Forrester Research.

The new Chrome OS “bastion” is designed to make it easy to install and use the Google apps, but it’s also designed to appeal to a wider range of Android users.

The new Chrome versions are designed to be easier to install on devices that run Android 7.0 Nougat, the version of Android that’s now in most smartphones and tablets.

“They’re both really good for a number things, but we’ve seen Google’s version of Chrome OS be more of a premium, very premium, feature-rich version,” said Pachters partner, John Herring.

“You’re getting a lot more apps that are optimized for Google services,” he said.

“You’re also getting more Google services apps.”

But for those users that want to have Google services on the devices they already have, there are also Google services that aren’t available.

Those services include Google Wallet, Google Drive, and Google Play Music.

Google Play Music is a popular alternative to Google Play, and there’s a growing number of users who choose to use it as their primary music streaming service.

Google has tried to help its Google Play music offerings grow with features like free storage, an offline store, and the ability to stream music directly to the device without needing to use an app.

Google’s Chrome OS is aimed at users who want to use Android as their main music streaming or other media player.

However, it also has an important place for developers, as it allows them to bring their apps to the platform, allowing them to share and monetize content on the platform without having to rely on third-parties like Spotify and Apple Music.

In the last year, Android has seen a rapid rise in popularity and adoption.

This has been aided by Google’s commitment to improving the Android experience for all Android users, and that includes Android’s operating system.

But there are other ways that Android is being used by other developers as well.

There are apps that let users use Android’s social features, including a new app called Google+ which lets people keep up with friends and family.

But the platform has also seen a resurgence of Android-focused apps like YouTube and Spotify.

“We’ve seen a surge in Google Play’s Android apps, and those apps have really grown and grown,” said David Cerny, the VP of Android software and services at Google.

“We’re seeing some very good growth in these, but there’s also a lot that has gone the other way.”

The Google Play Store, which lets Android users download new apps and services from other developers, is also seeing a lot growth.

“It’s a very good place for Google to sell Google Play services, but Google Play is also a good place to sell Android apps and games,” Cernys said.

But for Google, the Android platform is important for the success of its Android smartphone platform.

The company recently launched a new version of its Google Assistant mobile assistant, and new devices from Google are being sold in more countries.

“This is a very important platform for us, and a lot has changed in the last two years,” Cermys said, pointing to the growth of Android as well as the rise of other Android-based services.

Google, Apple,


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