When Bill Gates talks about his time at Stanford University, we’re here to tell you about the real deal

Golden Gate University in California is known as the school of “superpredators” — a term coined by the late neuroscientist Charles Murray.

Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft and Bill Gates Institute for Advanced Education, made headlines in December when he called out the Stanford University school as a “poverty-stricken institution” that serves “white-collar criminals.”

At a recent press conference, Gates talked about his “time at Stanford” and said that he did not attend the school as part of the university’s “prestigious academic programs,” according to the Associated Press.

But Gates said he attended “as a graduate student” and not as a student of the school.

“I didn’t go to Stanford for academic credit,” he said.

“I went there because of the prestige of the research it offers and the opportunity for them to hire top researchers from around the world.

I didn’t attend the schools’ top programs because I wanted to be in the best possible academic environment, but because it was the best place to work.”

While Gates has made a name for himself as a champion of “science over politics” and as a leading advocate for the causes of women, minorities and other oppressed groups, he has often been criticized by some for his alleged role in the creation of the modern-day “pink agenda” of anti-gay laws, anti-immigrant policies and anti-Muslim and other discriminatory policies.

Gates has often come under fire for his rhetoric, including from many conservative groups, which has included calls to remove him from his position as CEO of Microsoft.

The tech industry has come under intense scrutiny over its alleged ties to the “pinky agenda” — which has been condemned by many in the tech industry as a conspiracy theory that is designed to demonize immigrants and other minorities.

After a series of reports and a Facebook post by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, Bill Gates has since said he has “never personally experienced any discrimination at Stanford or anywhere else in the U.K.” in which his family has lived for more than a century.

According to the Washington Post, Gates said in a Facebook posting that his family’s experience at Stanford “is not a conspiracy” but that it was “the experience of someone who has had that experience in their own life.”

He added that his mother, who was born in Scotland, was the first woman he had ever seen as a child.

During his press conference on Dec. 18, Gates was asked by reporters if he had any comment about his alleged past experiences at Stanford.

He responded, “I’m not going to discuss anything that’s not appropriate for me to talk about in my own private time.

I have no comment.”

According to his wife, who said Gates did not address the “Pink Agenda” during the press conference at which he spoke, the tech billionaire has said that it is “just an urban legend.”

“My family’s experiences were very different, because we came from different cultures, different economic backgrounds, and had very different experiences,” Gates said, according to CBS News.

“But we’ve learned a lot and I am proud of what we’ve done together.

“My wife and I are proud of the fact that we both went to Stanford, that we’re both members of the Stanford faculty, and that we’ve both done great work in the field of technology.””

The notion that I was an employee of Stanford University is a complete myth,” he added.

“My wife and I are proud of the fact that we both went to Stanford, that we’re both members of the Stanford faculty, and that we’ve both done great work in the field of technology.”


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