How to ‘Kill’ Kanye West in a Hip-Hop Video

Kanye West has been killing us with a barrage of songs, videos, and songs for years now, but this week he finally has his revenge on us in an album that has a few things in common with his classic 2000 hit, ‘Power Trip’.

With the album now out on Spotify, we caught up with Jay Z’s producer to talk about his work on the record, Kanye’s recent tour, and what it was like working with Kanye for the first time.

Read on for more: Jay Z, Kanye West, and Kanye West on Kanye West’s album, ‘Runaway’ Jay Z says that Kanye West is a genius.

“He’s not only one of the best rappers out there, he’s one of my favorite artists, so that was an honor,” he told Complex.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, we can make a great album with him.

He’s not going to make a bad album.'”

Jay Z and Kanye have collaborated on several projects before, including his 2009 song ‘Panda,’ which featured a cameo by the rapper and his daughter, North.

He added that his collaborator Kanye West also had some advice for him when it came to producing.

“Kanye told me that it was important for him to go to the studio and be a producer,” he said.

“There are certain things you can’t do that the artist is capable of doing.”

Jay Z said that the album was not meant to be a comeback, but rather, a statement about what the music industry is trying to do.

“What the music business is trying are the same things that Kanye is trying, which is to put the power back in the hands of the people,” he added.

“So that is what this album is about, to be the first artist to really go on record and say, ‘I’m not a rapper, I’m a writer, I can’t rap, I have no interest in the business.’

I’m saying, ‘Hey, I don’t care.'”

In a way, Jay Z is saying that the power is in the artist, too, and that the whole point of the album is to make that statement.

Jay Z revealed that he wrote all of the songs, including the rap, with a friend who is a music producer.

“They didn’t have the skills,” he revealed.

“But when they did, they wrote them.

That’s how I feel about this album.

It’s like, I wrote these songs and they are still the best songs in the world.

I love them.”

He also spoke about how Kanye West and his label, Universal, handled the album’s release.

“The way they released it was amazing,” he recalled.

“People were talking about it for weeks.”

He continued, “I thought, ‘Man, we could have done this in a week, and we could still have a little fun.'”

Jay said that Kanye’s new album, the first of a planned three, was a “good album,” but also said that it needed some tweaking.

“We are not done,” he noted.

“And I feel like we could’ve done a better album.

We could’ve made a better record.”

He said that he felt like the album needed to be more “pop.”

“The pop was on the album,” he shared.

“It’s the same thing on this album.”

He added, “It just felt like it was missing something that Kanye wanted to talk to you about, which was the pop.”

Jay said he had a great time working with the producer, and added that the two worked together closely on the song ‘Crying In the Club.’

Jay said they also talked about the project and talked about what it meant to Jay Z. “You have to feel like this is going to be his legacy,” he joked.

“Everything that he’s done, he did it with his music.

You can’t talk about him without talking about him.”

Jay shared that Kanye was very protective of his reputation.

“In my opinion, Kanye has the best reputation,” he continued.

“When you have a reputation, the people that you work with are the people you want to work with.

They want to see your name on their record and on their album.

You’ve got to be good, you’ve got have to do your job and be the best you can be.

But he is always right.”

“I love this album,” Jay added.


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