Why ‘Sliding Gate’ will open for football fans in 2019

Inside a sleek, glass-walled facility, football fans can watch the world’s top professional footballers and their stars in a wide variety of different ways.

But the team’s owner, Phoebe Adele, has announced that the team will be taking part in a new initiative for 2019.

Gates is opening to the public to watch its football teams for the first time since 2015, after being closed to the general public for seven years.

As well as the new ‘Slidesgate’ programme, Gates is also bringing back its outdoor games for fans to enjoy, with a new outdoor stadium set to open for fans in the middle of October.

The outdoor game will be a new facility designed to host up to six football teams at once.

Phoebe has already announced that more than 40,000 tickets will be available for the new event, which is set to run from 10.00am on Wednesday the 22nd of October until 12.00pm on Saturday the 23rd.

This means that the event will be the biggest single-day event in the stadium’s history.

Tickets will be priced at $50, but Phoebes’ team has also confirmed that anyone can buy in for $150, with more tickets to be added in the future.

The new venue will also include a full-scale replica of the stadium that is home to the Eagles’ first ever indoor match in 2006.

The Eagles have been running their indoor game in Gates for decades, but the facility has remained a closed off space for the team since then.

During the Eagles most recent home game, which took place on October 5, the venue was closed to spectators after the club failed to pay a venue tax of $200,000, a significant amount of which had to be paid in full.

This meant that fans were left in the dark, with the team unable to sign up new fans.

The venue, which opened in the early 1990s, was built on a site at Kingsland Road and has since been expanded by the club to accommodate more than 10,000 spectators.

The club, whose owners are believed to be worth around $10 billion, are currently negotiating with the government over the stadium tax, but it remains unclear how the facility will be funded.

Phoebes has previously said that he wants the facility to remain open, but has also stated that the Eagles are not yet ready to sign a deal for the stadium, meaning that the stadium could be demolished if negotiations do not move forward.


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