Gated community welcomes puppies to the gates

By RICHARD SMITH | 09/02/18 08:19:48In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott declared a “gated community” and asked residents to leave their homes, but that didn’t mean the state was closing off the doors.

On Monday, the state’s Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security announced it would begin issuing temporary, one-time permits to residents to visit and stay in their homes during the storm.

The permits will be issued for four weeks and will expire at the end of August.

The permits will cover up to three months in the interim.

The state has also said it will start issuing two permits for up to 24 hours for people to stay overnight.

The first permit will be for one person and can be used in the same home as one or more other residents.

The second permit will allow two residents in the home to stay up to 12 hours and the third permit will permit up to eight people in the house to stay in the residence for up-to-12 hours.

There will be no limit on the number of people who can be in the household.

The state also announced that people who want to stay at the house must provide proof of their ability to care for their pets and the house has been designed to be “secure and organized.”

The temporary permits, which will be valid for up. weeks, will be required for people who live in gated communities, such as a community that allows residents to drive, rent, purchase or rent-out rooms and/or units, and is home to more than 1,000 people.

The only restrictions on the permits are that they cannot be used for gambling, alcohol consumption or gambling related activities, and they must be open to the public for the entire time the residents are staying at the residence.

The governor’s announcement was a bit of a surprise, considering the governor has a history of making announcements that were designed to make the public feel like they’re on vacation.

“There is a new normal here.

You’re living in a house that’s in a gated area, but it’s not a safe house, it’s a dangerous house,” said Chris Johnson, a former senior staff attorney at the Center for Media and Democracy.

The governor made the announcement on Twitter, but the governor’s office later released a statement confirming the permits will go out.

The office said the state is continuing to monitor conditions, including flood damage and flood control measures, to make sure the community stays safe.

This is a reminder that Texas is not just an emergency response state; we are a state with a very clear and well-defined purpose and set of priorities, Johnson said.

As of Monday, about 50,000 Texas residents had been issued the temporary permits and they will remain valid for the duration of the storm, which has killed at least 10 people and caused widespread damage to more to 30.

In the first 24 hours of the hurricane, Texas has reported that about $4.7 billion in damages were caused in the state, according to the Texas Emergency Management Agency.

Governor Abbott has said the decision to issue temporary permits is not about politics or party affiliation, but more about keeping the state safe.


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