How to write a kevin gate sextaped email

Kevin Gates, the rapper, singer, and producer known as Kevin Gate, has been sextaping his followers on the platform Instagram, but it’s not all just one-way text messages.

A new app called Snapchat Sextape lets users record videos with friends to share with others.

Here are six tips for creating a sextended video that makes for a sexy, memorable experience.


Have fun, but don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Gates’s latest video, which he shared on Instagram this week, features him and his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, who is also the owner of the company behind the app.

Gates takes the opportunity to show off his signature catchphrase, “Do the Right Thing.”

In a caption that reads, “I was going to say the wrong thing, but I think I just said it,” Gates’s girlfriend tells Gates that her boyfriend has “a lot of talent.”

The video then cuts to Gates’s face, where Jenner tells Gates, “Don’t be embarrassed.”

Gates’s caption reads, “[I’m] the best, but the world is waiting for the best.”


Set a goal and stick to it.

Gates and his friends share a lot of photos of themselves together on Instagram.

However, he also has a lot to say about Instagram’s guidelines about what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

Gates says he feels he’s breaking Instagram’s rules when he takes photos of his girlfriend and Jenner and posts them to his account.

Gates is quick to point out that he’s not breaking Instagrams rules, but he wants to set a personal goal.

“I want to say to you guys, ‘If I was to get arrested for something, I want you guys to know I will not be the first person to be arrested for doing something I love,'” Gates said.

“And I’m not the only one.”


Know your limits.

Gates uses a lot more text in his video than he does in the video he posted.

He explains that the more text he sends, the more people he has to stop.

“A lot of people are just trying to get the best of the best and the best at what they do,” Gates said, adding that his girlfriend “has a lot” of text that she’s sending him.

“That’s not cool,” Gates added.


Be careful not to mess up the photo.

Gates explains that he has an Instagram account for his music and that he and his “friends” sometimes upload photos of the two of them and his girlfriends together.

“Sometimes it’s like, ‘Oh, I don’t even know if I can take a photo with you, let’s just send a picture with your eyes closed and just let it breathe,'” Gates explained.

“But that’s OK.”

He also points out that his friends aren’t going to notice.

“When you’re sending a photo of your friends, you’re not doing it for their benefit,” Gates explained, “and it doesn’t mean you have to do it to be a good person.

It just means you’re doing it because it’s a good thing to do.”


Make sure you have your phone out when you’re taking photos.

Gates said he does use his phone as an external camera for his videos.

He said he uses his iPhone for the video recording, but only when he’s filming his friends or his girlfriend.

He says he doesn’t mind doing this because he can take videos with his friends at the gym, but not when he is shooting with his girlfriend or Jenner.

“If I can just get one picture of you with me, I’m gonna take another picture of your boyfriend,” Gates noted.

“You’re a good girlfriend.

It doesn’t matter how many pictures you take.

You know?”

Gates also mentioned that he only uses his phone when he and Jenner are together and not with anyone else.


Use the hashtag #BeFree.

Gates doesn’t specify what he means by that, but his tweet reads, “#BeFree.”

Gates also explained that when he uses the hashtag on Instagram, he uses it for a reason.

“People see me on Instagram,” Gates continued, “they’re thinking, ‘You can do that?

You’re so free.

You’re just a free man.’

I want them to know, I do what I do for a purpose.

I don, like, just go out and do whatever I want.”

Gates says that his goal is to get people to believe in him and that the goal is not to get attention from other people, but to make people feel good.

“It’s a really simple goal,” Gates told Business Insider.

“Just be true to yourself.”


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