How to protect yourself from the golden gate bbqs at Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate parks are notoriously difficult to walk into and park yourself in.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make it out.

The best tips for the best Golden Gate bbques at San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and New York are below.


Be aware that Golden Gate Bbq is open 24 hours a day.

It’s closed on Mondays and Fridays, and it closes on public holidays.


It doesn’t take much to be in the right place at the right time.

You can spot the bbque’s entrance, but you won’t find the door until you’ve walked into the park and made your way up the ramp.

Once you’re inside, be careful to get your feet wet and watch your step.


If you’re looking for a good spot to sit down, go to the front of the building (the one closest to the entrance).

If it’s a small area, it’s best to get on the patio, next to a restaurant, or in a corner where there’s a bar.


Be sure you don’t walk into the bar area.

It can get crowded, and you’ll be tempted to leave your drinks at the bar.


Don’t take your shoes off while you’re there.

You’ll be walking with the crowd and people can smell you.


If it seems like you’re in a crowded area, you’re probably not.

There’s always someone to watch out for.


Be prepared to wait in line.

You’re not likely to get seated, so don’t rush out and start eating.


There are a lot of restaurants in Golden Gate, and they’re all fairly large.

They may take up a lot more space than you’d think.


It takes a lot to get to the park.

There is plenty of parking in San Francisco.

But you’ll have to park at a lot, and there are lots of people there waiting to get in. 10.

There have been some reports of violence.

Be cautious, especially when walking in groups.


If there are people standing around and staring at you, make a run for it.

If they catch up to you, you can run back to the curb and wait for them to get you.


If people start arguing, leave.

If your friends are there, they’ll be there to help you.


If the situation gets out of hand, you may have to get help.

Get help when it’s needed.


Don´t make eye contact with the other guests.

This is a common occurrence.


If a group of people are fighting, you should always keep your distance and move in pairs.


There may be a few bouncers, and be ready to go for help.

You may have been called to help a bb, and if that’s the case, you must stay in your spot and not approach them.


If someone is calling out for help, you might need to run.

This can be a scary situation, especially if it’s in a group.


If all you can do is run and hide in the bushes, make sure you stay out of sight.


Be very careful in the park if you’re carrying anything.

This includes bags, coins, money, and other valuables.


Always keep a good distance from anyone you don´t know, especially in a public place.

This could include other bb guests.


If somebody asks you if you’ve been there before, tell them no.

They’re asking for your business card, and that’s your way of telling them to go back to their own business.


It would be better if everyone in the group knew each other, but it doesn’t always work that way.

If that’s not possible, just leave.


You should always wear a mask, as this could help avoid detection.


Be careful when walking through the park, especially at night.


It is illegal to enter the park during the night if you are under 18.

There were reports of people being mugged and robbed at night at Golden Gates bb. 26.

If anyone is threatening to hurt you or your family, don´s get involved.

You need to leave immediately, and people will follow you if they see you.


You have to be very careful when going through a public restroom.

If something is spilled, people can get hurt.


If everyone in a bodega looks at you strangely, you are in danger.

It could be a sign that someone is trying to kill you.


If an individual in a crowd appears to be harassing other people, make them stop.

You are at risk if you get into a fight.


There will be people standing in the queue, waiting to enter. Don`t


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